Select Sirloin Steaks

Select Sirloin Steaks

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Our select Sirloin is aged in-store, this means your steak will be full of flavor and tender. 

Freshly cut by one of our craft butchers, this sirloin is very flavourful and tender for that special meal. Our select range is 21 days matured and is very popular with steak lovers. King James 1st is said to have knighted a particularly tasty loin of beef during a meal at Hoghton Tower, near Preston, Lancashire, in 1617. 'Arise, Sir Loin'.

Some helpful advice on how to cook your steak,

  1. Leave the steaks out on the side for an hour to get to room temperature.

  2. Season with a bit of salt and pepper or a seasoning of your choice.

  3. Get your frying / griddle pan hot with a splash of oil.

  4. Rub a little oil on your steak as well.

  5. Place into pan.

My advice for a medium to rare steak is two and half minutes on each side. s depending how well done you like your beef.

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